Equestrian_(Dressage),_Rio_2016Equestrian is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete on the level playing field to prove on their skills of horse riding in order to be awarded as winners. The equestrian Rio 2016 was held on 05-12 of August 2016 in the National Equestrian center, Deodoro.The Rio Olympics of 2016 were held in South Africa as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil welcomed more than 10,000 athletes from the whole world to compete. The Paralympic date was 07-08 September where 306 medals were contested for across four regions i.e. Deodoo, Barra, Marracana as well as also Copacabana.

The equestrian in the Rio Olympic of 2016 had 3 disciplinesi.e eventing, jumping and dressage. The other discipline is when all were participating in teams and as an individual. In each of the discipline, they require a skill which is distinct. In the principle of dressage, there is beauty and artistry. Moreover, the precision and the intensity in jumping for the horses would determine the winner. The main aim of the equestrian sport is to achieve a combined effort for eventing that equaled the equestrian triathlon.

In dressage, competition for the team consisted spots that are a 10 quota that were availed. The dressage team consists of four riders who compete in the grand prix in the first round for individuals and for teams. The first 6 advance to the grand prix that is special. The combined scores for the teams and the grand prix special are made to determine the award winners. The spot teams are awarded at the world equestrian games2014FEL .6 more has to be awarded in the competition.

In the jumping competition, a country sends four people to represent it.Five rounds are ridden for the determination of the individual medals. The riders then place first through the 60 place to advance to the second round. The top 45 riders of round 2 advances to round 3.After the 45 performing a ride, the top 35 are the ones who advance the next round. In the fourth round, there is slate wiping that makes each one to start at a fault. The top 20 advance to round 5.They then perform three rounds that determine the medal winners.

Also in the eventing competition, four people are sent from each country. It starts by a concurrent running of all the individuals to determine the medal winner. The riders then perform the dressage test, a cross country round and a jumping round to determine the medal winner.

olympics2016The following are some of the equestrian competitors of the Rio 2016:

  • Allison Brock with Claudine 4 fritz kundrun’s Rojvelt, 2002 Hanoverian stallion.
  • Laura Graves with her own Verdades, 2000 KWPW gelding.
  • Ksey Perry-glass with Diane Perris Dublet, a 2003 Danish warm blood gelding.
  • Stephen Peters with four Winds Farm Lego lads 92, a 2002 Westphalia gelding.
  • Robert Dover who is also a trainer at still point farm in Florida.

Many countries participate in this sport. They include the following countries, Portugal, France, Australia, German, Mexico, South Africa as well as many others.

The above are some of the Olympic equestrian in Rio 2016.