jumping-horse-with-jockey-in-front-of-a-horseshoeUnited Association Eventim Equestrian federation is a community for the sport fans, the riders, coaches and the horses themselves. Generally, the sport is our life. We are dedicated to bringing nothing but the best to the lovers of the sport. Our body is entitled to unite members of the equestrian family and provide them with equestrian-related news, events and general information about the sport.

What is Equestrian?

Equestrian, commonly known as backhorse riding is a sport that involves riders showcasing their skillfulness while mounted on horses. The riders form a strong bond with the horses and they’re able to implement their various disciplines while with a lot of confidence and talent. This involves riding, vaulting, jumping and steeple chasing. The horses as well as the riders are practically trained in the field tracks to take part in this competitive sport as well as for recreational purposes.

Who are we?

galopThe United Association Eventim Equestrian federation is a team of the equestrian fans. We are therefore here for the sake of the fans to enable them understand the same and embrace it in their hearts. Our site is meant to bring together the sports fans and join them together as one. The beautiful thing about equestrian is the long chain of connection from the horses to the highest hierarchy of the sport. Everyone is connected in one way or another. We believe in unity as one and we wish to spread this across the globe for the sport lovers.

If looking to learn more about the sport, be in the know of current news about the sport or current events about to happen, United Association Eventim Equestrian Federation site is your one stop place. Our aim is to provide our fans with the information they need to know of the sport. As for our esteemed sports crew, we’ll highlight guidelines to enable them be better and entertain as with their skillfulness in the sport. We, as a federation need you and as the fans, you need us too. Through the sport we are connected as one united community.