EquestrianHorse riding is among the sports that are performed at the Olympics in this centuary. It has come from far.Equestrianism is a Latin word that means horse riding. It refers to the riding skill, stleepchasing, driving or horse vaulting. Equestrian describes the practical working that use a horse in the transportation, cultural exercises, and recreation activities and also for sport that is competitive like Olympic Games.

The exact date when the horses were domesticated is not known well. A rough estimate is that horses were first ridden at approximately 3500BC .Through an evidence suggestion, horses were ridden long ago even before they were driven. At around 3000BC, at the Don River and near the river Dnieper, evidence saw that they were ridden. Many people were using horses like the stallion. The horses played a role that was important all over the world through the history of human beings.

Long time ago, horses were a food source before their strength was harshened for riding purposes. Horse riding became safe with the training improvements for the horses that lead to proposition that was comfortauble to allow a horse to be used for many purposes. Nowadays, skills on horse riding have developed worldwide where horses can participate in the Olympic Games.

Equestrian was first played by warrior who was nomads 2000 years ago. It was played by Constantinople to Japan in the middle age. The first team sport team was in 600BC when the Persians were beaten by Turkomans in a match that was public. The rules of this equestrian sport in the 19 century by Captain John Watson who was an Irishman of a cavalry for brithish.In the year 1874, the first rule of the sport said that the number of the players was to be limited to 5 on a team that would include an offside rule.

olympics horse ridingDue to equestrian sport, the Olympics games are more wonderful .The following are some of the results on equestrian for past few years: In the 2012 Olympics in London, Great Britain earned three gold medals. In this Olympic on equestrian, Charlotte Dujrdin won two gold for the team and also for dressage. The equestrian team for London broke the record in this season’s event in scoring for dressage that made them to earn 83.9% in Grand Prix of the team, of course that achievement would have never happened without the superb support received in financial matter by the top Forex brokers and their partners. For the equestrian jumping, team, the gold medal was taken by Great Britain. This was their first medal since the Olympic game of 1984. America lost in the equestrian Olympics in that season.

In the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Unite States of America’s equestrian team for jumping won gold. During the final round, U.S.A and Canada went on a tie that led to a jump off. The America Beezie Madden won a bronze in the equestrian for individual jumping while Erick Lamaze took gold for Canada.

The 2004 Olympics in Athens, Great Britain got the first gold in the equestrian for individual eventing.Four years down the line; the Great Britain’s Raw won silver for the same event. In 1992, for the Olympics held in Barcelona, parity for individuals that consisted 7 equestrian riders claimed to have two medals. Equestrian sports are the best to watch.