Selecting The Very Best Insurance For Your Thoroughbred Stallion

Insuring your animals is not just common practice and common sense; it is essential when you have animals that can be classed as dangerous and aggressive. Although your stallion may be trained and has never shown any aggressive behavior against anyone or any other animal there is a first time for everything. Owning a stallion is a huge responsibility and one that becomes even more intense when you will travel across the country and enter competitions with him.


When you own a stallion a simple health care equine policy that you can find online is not sufficient and will not provide you with the level of care or cover that you require; you need to look to only the very best companies such as for very specialist insurance. What this means is that you need to forget comparison sites and forget simply trying to find the cheapest price for your insurance as you may do if you own a second hand vehicle; you need to concentrate on only the very best.

Stallion insurance will vary in price depending on the age of your animal, the breed, and if he will be attending public shows, will be racing, performing, where he sleeps at night, and how he will travel to the different shows that you may be attending. You may think that if you simply keep a stallion and you will not be entering any competitions you can simply take out equine care; once again you would be wrong as you need to insure your animal in the event of accident or injury even on your own land.

Owning a stallion is a huge responsibility; to see just what you need to include in your insurance policy take a look at; here you will find everything you need to know and more and you will also be able to connect with other stallion owners. When you connect with other stallion owners who can recommend insurance to you, you will be able to see just what levels of cover are available and what you should consider for your animal. A stallion is a huge responsibly and a costly animal to own, so think carefully about how you will be able to care for your animal before you buy a stallion or thoroughbred horse.

When you are selecting the insurance cover that you wish to take out for your stallion you need to think about just what level of cover you will need and the excess that you will have to pay in the event of accident, ill-health, or injury. Only when you can comfortably keep up to date with insurance bills and possible vet’s bills should you then consider owner a stallion or stallions. With each animal that you own there comes responsibility, and you need to select the very best insurance policy to ensure that you are covered even if the worst does happen. A happy stallion owner is a stallion owner who has taken the time to select from the very best specialist insurance available.

Where To Go For Top Line Horse Insurance

HorseOf all the domesticated animals that have aligned themselves with mankind, the horse is perhaps the most unique. Massive, powerful, arguably one of the most beautiful animals in nature, horses have been integral with man’s journey through the ages. And while much of the horse’s original use has been replaced by mechanical devices, there is still a special place in society for man’s other best friend. Whether it is racing, both flat and steeplechase, showing, dressage, hunting or just knocking about the countryside, the partnership between horses and people is still going strong.

If  you own a horse, or are part of a partnership or syndicate that owns a horse, you need to consider horse insurance, not only for replacement costs should the animal become injured or ill, but for liability purposes. After all, horses are huge, and it’s not if someone will get hurt riding or working with your horse, it’s a matter of when. Even the gentlest of creatures can have a bad day.

Race horses are an obvious candidate for equine insurance, with purchase values sometimes in the millions and lifetime earnings expectations considerably higher. If something should happen to interrupt or permanently derail those earnings, which is going to cover the costs? If a rider is thrown during a race, or a skittish yearling injures his handlers during a transfer from box to trailer, someone has to pay the damages.

And it’s not just about the racing career. A thoroughbred represents a long term investment in which the time spent racing is just the beginning, setting the bar for the value of stud or foalingHorses services after the racing career is at or near the end. A broken leg or a bad infection can ruin the horse’s career in both the race track and in the stud barn.

Show horses are also good candidates for this specialized kind of insurance. Years of training and grooming go into making a dressage mount, and it can all be lost in a single mishap. Too late then to consider how a new mount will be brought into play. Theft and injury are the most obvious dangers to prepare for, but sickness, whether caught or congenital, can also destroy the value of an animal.

Stable horses are also in need of equine insurance, especially if they are used for riding by the general public. In fact, the liability for a casual riding mount can be even direr than in the professional riding arena. Jockeys and other members of the riding professions have taken some of the responsibility for the possibility of injury on themselves. Injury is part of the game, and individual riders are not only trained to avoid and mitigate riding injuries, but are themselves insured to a certain extent.

But when a member of the public selects your mounts for a weekend on the bridal path, any injury not caused by their carelessness is on your head.

Look to AmlinPlus Horse Insurance ( for all your horse insurance needs.


Different Types Of Eventing Insurance Cover Offered By Amlinplus

HorsesDo you have racing or breeding horse? If yes, then it is important to make sure your horse is covered. For this purpose, you should take out eventing insurance cover. There are many insurance companies that offer different types of insurance policies for both breeding and racing horses. One of the best insurance companies is This company is specialist in sport horse, competition and evening insurance. It offers cover for horses valued up to £15,000.

If you are considering taking out an eventing coverage, it is advised to check different types of eventing insurance policies offered by this company. Here is a quick guide to all types of eventing insurance covers offered by this company.

The first type of insurance cover is all risks of mortality and theft insurance coverage. This insurance cover will pay over the sum insured shown in your policy certificate for fair market value for your horse in event of: theft, death which occurred due to accident, illness, injury or disease, humane destruction, and death or humane destruction directly resulting from theft which took place during the policy period. In order to take out this cover, you should provide complete evidence that your horse is in good health and free of any illness. You can apply for this if you are the owner of the horse and you can pay the premium prior to the agreed due date.

Second insurance cover is called colic surgery cots extension. This will pay you over £3,000 – £5,000. This policy covers the emergency colic surgery costs under general anesthetic. It is advised toHorse speak to a knowledgeable insurance agent to know more about this insurance cover.

Third insurance cover is called veterinary fees cover. This is available for sports horses. This cover is a pivotal part of your eventing insurance policy. You don’t have to worry about ever rising prices of veterinary fees if you take out this cover in junction with your mortality insurance policy.

Fourth type of eventing insurance is called life saving surgery. This is available as an extension to your mortality insurance coverage. This cover has a certain limit per horse. This policy covers emergency cots of the life saving operation under general anesthetic.

Fifth type of eventing insurance cover that you can obtain is European cover. This cover is available for all those horses that compete all over Europe. The last type of insurance coverage is individual and tailored insurance cover for semen storage and transit. This policy covers the loss of semen as a direct result of escape of vapor or liquid nitrogen. For transit, it covers worldwide transits by air, rail, sea or road. It also provides coverage for in situ/storage and theft. Limited cover is also available for damage or loss of semen. In order to get more details about this and other types of eventing insurance covers offered by this company, you are advised to visit the official website of Amliplus here: